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2010 J. B. Johnston Club Meeting Abstracts

Download the 2010 Brain, Behavior and Evolution Abstracts (PDF).

  • Signal Diversification Drives the Evolution of Novel Patterns of Brain Organization
  • Binaural Sites in the Ascending Auditory Circuit of a Teleost Fish, Opsanus tau
  • Cone Monochromacy in Sharks: Color-Blind Killers?
  • How Do Birds Sense the Earth’s Magnetic Field?
  • Ultrasound Detection by Clupeid Fishes
  • Let’s Sin: A New Model of the Zebrafish Forebrain
  • Do Early Vertebrate Brain Subdivisions Develop in Similar or Different Ways?
  • Morphometric Comparison of Telencephalic Areas in Selected Vertebrates in Relation to Function
  • A Three-Dimensional MRI Brain Atlas of the Mozambique Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus)
  • Are GnRH1 Cells Topographically Organized? Plasticity in the Songbird GnRH1 in Response to Photoperiod, Gonadal and Social Cues
  • Beyond Language: Translational Implications of Seasonal Regression of the Avian Song Control System as a Model of Neuroprotection
  • The Presumptive Isthmic Region in a Mouse as Defined by fgf8 Expression
  • Avian Cerebellum Specialization in Relation to Acrobatic Courtship Displays in Manakins (Pipridae)
  • Brain Regions Associated with Female Mate Preference Behavior in a Teleost
  • Exploring Adaptive Evolution in the Brains of Bathyal Skates (Family: Rajidae): Phylogenetic and Ecological Perspectives


2009 J. B. Johnston Club Meeting Abstracts

Download the 2009 Brain, Behavior and Evolution Abstracts (PDF).

  • Jam or Be Jammed: Behavioral Responses to Interfering Stimuli in Pulse Discharging Weakly-Electric Gymnotiformes
  • Beyond Species Identity: Cricket Auditory Systems Process More than Just a Stereotyped Call
  • The Bizarre Visual System of Diving Beetle Larvae: From Asymmetric Spherical Eyes to Tubular Eyes and Scanning Behavior
  • Altricial and Precocial Birds Evolved Distinct Developmental Strategies to Enlarge Their Telencephalon
  • Geographically Isolated Populations of Paramormyrops kingsleyae Undergo Rapid, Paedomorphic Electric Signal Evolution
  • Dual Function of Aromatase in the Blenniid Fish Salaria pavo: Regulation of Testicular Investment and Control of Sexual Behavior
  • Neural Coding of Conspecific Signals in Female Tüngara Frogs (Physalaemus pustulosus)
  • Convergence in Ultrasonic Communication in Frogs
  • Qualitative Differences in Call Recognition among Sibling Species
  • Environmental, Perceptual and Behavioral Aspects Accounting for the Remarkable Diversity of the Mammalian Vomeronasal System
  • A Spitting Image: Visual Specializations of the Archerfish (Toxotes chatareus)
  • Lateral Line Variation among Diverse Populations of Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)


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