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The purpose of the J. B. Johnston Club is to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information in the field of comparative and evolutionary neurobiology. Membership is open to any individual interested in comparative and evolutionary neurobiological research.

To become a member, you can pay by credit card using the PayPal button below or download the Membership and Registration Form to send your payment by check.



Only dues-paying Club members can attend the Karger and J. B. Johnston Club meetings.
To become a member you only need to pay dues.

J. B. Johnston Club members are welcome to join our Karger Workshop and annual meeting which is held on the two days before the opening day of the meetings of the Society for Neuroscience. (Registration fees apply.) Click here to learn more about our annual Club meetings.

Dues-paying members of the J. B. Johnston Club pay no page charges for their first Brain, Behavior and Evolution paper each year. Club members also get a special discount on personal subscriptions. The usual personal subscription price for online subscriptions is $1,514.00 (USD), and the rate for J. B. Johnston Club members is $146.00. Costs for paper subscriptions are slightly more. Click here to learn more about Club subscription pricing.

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