Brain, Behavior and Evolution

Brain, Behavior and Evolution (BB&E) is a journal with a loyal following, high standards, and a unique profile as the main outlet for the continuing scientific discourse on nervous system evolution. Founded in 1968, the journal publishes comparative neurobiological studies that focus on nervous system structure, function, or development in vertebrates as well as invertebrates. Approaches range from the molecular over the anatomical and physiological to the behavioral. Despite this diversity, most papers published in Brain, Behavior and Evolution include an evolutionary angle, at least in the discussion, and focus on neural, rather than purely behavioral, mechanisms or phenomena. In addition to original research reports, the journal contains review articles that provide critical overviews of current topics in evolutionary neurobiology. For more details, visit the journal website.

BB&E offers an "author's choice" option, which makes the paper open access in exchange for a fee.

BB&E can publish color figures at no extra charge online; these figures are black & white in the paper version of BB&E.

The most recent impact factor for BB&E = 2.885; 5-year impact factor = 2.36.
Since Jan, 2010, BB&E publishes brief commentaries on recent papers that are likely to be of interest to BB&E's readership. If you would like to submit a commentary, please contact the editor, Georg Striedter ( Inquiries regarding possible book reviews, meeting reports, or other "highlights" are likewise welcome.

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The Editorial Board of Brain, Behavior and Evolution

Editor-in-Chief: G. F. Striedter, Irvine, CA

R. Anadon, Santiago de Compostela

G. Ball, Baltimore, Md.

A. B. Butler, New Harbor, Me

S. Collin, Perth

B. Finlay, Ithaca, N.Y.

A. Gonzalez, Madrid

S. Herculano-Houzel, Rio de Janeiro

K. Isler, Zurich

A. N. Iwaniuk, Lethbridge

J. Kaas, Nashville, Tenn.

P. Katz, Atlanta, Ga.

L. Krubitzer, Davis, Calif.

L. Medina, Lleida

R. Nieuwenhuys, Amsterdam

O. Güntürkün, Bochum

T. Preuss, Atlanta, Ga.

A. Reiner, Memphis, Tenn.

J. Rilling, Atlanta, Ga.

C. Salas, Sevilla

T. Smulders, Newcastle

C. Stevens, San Diego, Calif.

E. J. Vallender, Southborough, Mass.

P. Vernier, Gif-sur-Yvette

N. Yamamoto, Nagoya

K. Yopak, Crawley, W.A.

H. Zakon, Austin, Tex.

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