About the Club

The purpose of the J. B. Johnston Club for Evolutionary Neuroscience is to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information in the field of comparative and evolutionary neurobiology.

The Club meets annually on the two days before the opening day of the meetings of the Society for Neuroscience.

The first day of the Club’s meeting comprises the Karger Workshop in Evolutionary Neuroscience, sponsored by S. Karger AG. The topic and speakers for this one-day symposium are chosen each year from proposals submitted by members of the Club. The Proceedings of the Workshop are published as a special issue of Brain, Behavior and Evolution, which is the Club’s official journal, published by S. Karger AG.

The second day, members give presentations of their work. These presentations focus on ideas, rather than data, and provocative discussion is encouraged. The Abstracts of these presentations are published in an issue of Brain, Behavior, and Evolution before the annual meeting. 

Membership in the J. B. Johnston Club is open to any individual interested in comparative and evolutionary neurobiological research. Please see our Club Membership page for more information on the benefits of becoming a dues-paying member of the J. B. Johnston Club.

Order your subscription to Brain, Behavior and Evolution at the J. B. Johnston Club member rate by downloading this form (PDF) or click here to place your order online.

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